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Taiwan: Taipei: Ice-Cream Burrito (Rao He Night Markets)

wVZWIW1388290769Ice-Cream Burrito
Ráohé Street, Songshan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 10567
(Near Songshan Train Station)

I think a few places sell this, but I came across it at the Rao He night markets. Love! I asked for no coriander, also known as cilantro. Honestly, perhaps some people like this, but I can’t imagine how it would make it taste better.

vr9fNf1388315719I do love though, the shaved bits of peanut brittle, which is the first ingredient to go on to the thin burrito wrapper. Then three scoops of ice-cream are laid on top – this stall had peanut, taro and strawberry, though if I had my time over, I’d probably have gone two peanut and one taro and skipped the synthetic tasting strawberry flavour all together. It was a cost of $40 NTD, less than $2AUD. Bargin ūüôā

All in all though very yummy and highly recommended!


Food: 8/10
Value for money: 9/10
Total: 17/20


Taiwan: Taipei: Rao He Night Markets

PcL3Fm1388313386Rao He Night Markets
Ráohé St, Songshan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 10567
(Near Songshan train station)5y2rLV1388313355

Rao He Night Markets was extremely packed full of locals and tourists, but very enjoyable.

They have everything from Taiwanese delicacies, Japanese sushi, seafood street dining stalls and Aussie meat pies, to nail-bars and human & dog clothes and accessories.


Jdy2QS1388315528 gMmkta1388315492mgRH1n1388314751 LqfcWJ1388314532

There was even a very entrepreneurial Caucasian guy who decided to westernise the ordinary Chinese sponge cake… I wasn’tj0fWOH1388315682 tempted to buy it, but obviously he was doing fairly well!

I finally got to try an ice-cream burrito! Which I was eager out to try. I should have waited till the other-side of the market in hind-sight, as they had slightly different flavours of ice-cream. The one I had, had peanut, taro and strawberry. pvf5SB1388290854Peanut and taro were delicious. Strawberry tasted a bit synthetic and radio-active. All in all a satisfying dessert.

Would recommend a visit here.

Taiwan: Taipei: Taipei Main Station underground mall

Taipei Main Station underground mall

We entered from Taipei Main Station where there is a sign – “Taipei Station K Underground Mall”2lbj3R1388288756. It was still 11am so the shops were only just opening. There are many sections to the mall, and actually about several different malls adjoining each other.

It starts from Zhongshan Metro Shopping mall and spans south to Taipei Main Station and north to Shuanglian Station.

It is a mix of high end stalls as well as market-looking cheaper stalls. Fast food like Starbucks and KFC as well as Taiwanese little food stalls.¬† We opted for mid-morning snacks –
Baker’s boy coffee bun, of which the aroma you can smell for meters even before setting eyes on the stall (which is actually a Malaysian brand, in Malaysia and Singapore already). The bun is pretty nice, it looks big, but it actually is full of air and deflates pretty rapidly. The top is slightly crunch, it has a coffee crunch to it, the inside is soft and pillowy and the very center has a knob of melted butter in it, which starts to ooze out.


The other mid-morning snack we consumed were the onion pancakes, one with egg and one without. I would actually recommend with egg! sDO0kP1388290419It’s light fluffy, so delicately crispy, which is so hard to achieve at home with frozen onion pancakes, no matter how hard you try to aerate the pancake as it cooks. Highly recommend this one!

Not a bad 30min exploration into the underground shopping center. Admittedly I didn’t walk the whole stretch between the three stations, but had a good look around, and it’s not a bad place to while away a couple of hours.


Taiwan: Taipei: View from Starbucks Level 35, Taipei 101

Level 35
Taipei 101, Office Building Section4rfTI21388187468

It is not quite the 89th or 91st floors of the Taipei 101 observation desk, but 35 floors up is still a pretty decent view, at the cost of a cup of coffee!

It was a bit foggy the day I went, but a very pleasant experience.

Now, the logistics of how to get in.

Taipei 101 consists of the shopping/retail section, and if you exit the building, you will see another entrance for the office section of the building. jFdoiE1388187540A lot of people are in business attire, but equally there are a lot of casually dressed people as well. Head right for the visitor’s pass booths. It is a touch screen. Either search for ‘Starbucks’ or ‘Level 35’ then ‘Starbucks’. It will then ring Starbucks. Wait for a waiter/waitress to answer. Just provide your name and number of persons going up. The machine should then spit out a visitor’s card per person.

Go through the turnstiles, tell the security guard if s/he asks, that you are going to Starbucks on level 35, they seem quite used to tourists going up, and then head for the elevators. Once you get out, you should be able to see the Starbucks sign.

FruuzM1388188126 W0KbfC1388188187

Once you get to Starbucks, a staffer will collect the visitor’s passes and give you a table number, you are obliged to order a drink per person, which is a small price to pay for the scenery and view. They give you back the visitor’s passes when you are about to leave. Apparently if it is quite busy, they have a 90min cap on how long you can sit at the establishment.


Now all you have to do is sit and relax and enjoy the view.

kJ46Gd1388187826 lBSl4F1388187653xZDr4I1388187889

Taiwan: Taipei: Street food eats!

These are some of my food recommendations!

Hot Star Chicken- Large fried chicken (Shilin night markets – Shilin MRT Station)

Pepper Pork & Spring Onion Bao (near Lao Shan Temple/Lao Shan MRT Station)

AqSZDJ1388178196 toZq851388178626

Tao Yuan Street: Beef Noodle Soup (Ximen MRT Station)


Yong Kang beef noodle soup (Dongmen MRT Station)

Q46BpN1388339874 phF5WL1388339382

Onion pancake (Ximen MRT Station)

d1DFrs1388181552 v22lYi1388181628

Onion pancakes (Taipei Main Station Underground Mall)

DrpTaP1388290148 hKGKgC1388290070

Hollow doughnut puffs (Ximen MRT Station)

6wJm3V1388181793 ePXrpZ1388181858

Ice-cream burrito (Rao He Night Market)

GLgjPF1388290807 pvf5SB1388290854

Shaved ice dessert (Ice Galaxy – Keelung night market)

qI4fC31388486579 vMUbNM1388493622

Succulent deep-fried squid (Keelung night markets)

GidpZp1388485434 frOuCi1388485531

Stinky tofu (Keelung night markets)

7wImLS1388485338 JsCwBl1388485277

Sweet potato fries and pork and chive dumplings (Keelung night market)

7gRbZR1388485406 JQuQhU1388484523

Quail eggs with prawn (Rao He night markets)

NbztdA1388315316 44AYLJ1388315162

Oyster omelet (Tong Hua night markets)


Cooked crab (Tong Hua night markets)


Taiwan: Taipei: Pepper Pork & Spring Onion Bao (near Lao Shan Temple)

tNacA11388179085Pepper Pork & Spring Onion Bao (near Lao Shan Temple)
Lao Shan MRT РExit 3   nBdH5d1388179172NZGRDJ1388176492

When you come out of Lao Shan MRT Station, Exit 3, turn left and you will see the alley-way. Go down the alley way, and you will come to the hole-in-the-wall pepper pork bao place!

It is well worth a visit, 8NiVOF1388176698and well worth the wait. There are typically queues and we waited about 30mins.
You normally wait, tell them how many bao zi you wish to order, pay the money (45NTD a piece) and they give you a number. You can then just ask them how long the wait is and come back to pick it up, instead of just hanging around.
It’s interesting none-the-less to watch how they make it.

Once you get your hands on one, bite with caution as it will be absolutely piping hot!!! perhaps bite a little hole in the crust so the heat can begin to escape. I guarantee you, once you have this pepper pork bao, you cannot go back. Nothing else will taste as good. It is so crusty on the outside, with a bit of a smokey flavor to it from the coals, the pork is so tender and ‘melt in your mouth’ and well seasoned with a sweet, salty delectable marinade. The pork combination with the sweetness of the stewed spring onions is fantastic.

Completely recommend this tiny place. They do a roaring trade.

Food: 10/10
Value for money 10/10
Total: 20/20
$    15zofr1388177936d5ncDg13881772407fuVCh13881773072owAQc1388177519 v7cxes1388177031BYA0gi1388177109yTeuTK1388177699EPp1Cl1388177771       wZAcNv1388176910mKwVJv1388176800    6SAeZV1388178049AqSZDJ1388178196toZq851388178626Xi0S8i1388178244LqWOiH1388178004

Taiwan: Taipei: Tao Yuan Street Beef Noodle Shop

IPMiy11388172834Tao Yuan Street Beef Noodle Shop
No.15 Taoyuan Street
Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan

d31BZK1388172508It is easily located, not far from Ximen MRT station.

Once you get to Taoyuan Street, there are many beef noodle soup places, so don’t get confused! It is the one shop with no sign (though looking at trip advisor photos, I think it previously did have a big red sign which has been taken down). It has a side door entrance, and two floors, with upstairs and downstairs seating arrangements.

There is a big red sign and symbol out the front – no photos! (though for food blogging purposes I still snuck a few in, and I noticed, so did a few other diners!)

On the left is clear beef soup, on the right is the chilli beef soup. Both were excellent. The beef is tender, melt in your mouth, but doesn’t break apart when you pick it up. The meat is a bit saltier on purpose to compliment the not so salty broth and hand-made noodles that still have bite to them, which I love.¬† (180NTD a bowl). I would definitely come back again.

2MYNr41388172895x31VYw1388173020 tj12J01388173185

Enjoyed every bit of it!

Food: 9/10
Value for money: 9/10
Ambience: 6/10
Service: 7/10
Overall Score: 31/40