Safe eating habits

This mainly applies to developing countries, in particular where is it not safe to drink tap water:


  • ice can be a no, no – if not specified as ice from clean drinking water, it could be frozen straight from the tap;
  • Remember the saying ‘you don’t make friends with salad’ – salads are often washed with tap water, pesticides and fertilisers may still remain if not washed properly, and obviously as it is not cooked any germs are not killed off;
  • be cautious about eating meat, particularly if you know a country has poor refrigeration conditions; and
  • don’t use the tap water to brush your teeth, and don’t accidentally gargle water when in the shower!


  • Be aware of where you are, health conditions and regulations in a country and your surroundings;
  • Eat food which is piping hot (boiled, fried, deep-fried) and obviously been brought up to a temperature which would kill bacteria and germs;
  • Look for freshly cooked/prepared food, not food that has been sitting around in bain-maries all day long.
  • Be vegetarian (without salad) if you think an establishment looks a bit dodgy;
  • drink bottled drinks, and make sure the seal is not broken;
  • brush your teeth with bottled water.

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