If you get sick

Getting sick on a holiday is very unpleasant!

No one enjoys it, you are uncomfortable and in pain, and it’s not pleasant for your fellow traveling companions either.

  • Know your limits, don’t push yourself too hard to walk around and see sights if you are sick.
  • Seek appropriate medical advice, depending on the severity (and only you will know):
    • Pharmacy – upon the doctor’s advice, or ask the pharmacist if it is just a basic issue of eating something no-quite-right and having diarrhea.
    • Doctor’s clinic or Hospital – perhaps an international one who is fluent in your mother language so you can properly explain your symptoms.
  • Rest!
  • Hydrate – drink plenty of safe drinking water.
  • Ask for assistance. Keep emergency contact numbers easily accessible to yourself and others, so you can call home if you require support from family, or your travel insurance.

Be safe and err on the side of caution at the end of the day. Don’t be a hero.

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