How to pack

How to pack is always a confronting question. Let’s be honest, I don’t think I’m alone, when I say I hate packing!!

However, the more organised you are beforehand, the less you fuss about looking for things in your bag or buying frivolous things on the run which eat into your holiday and enjoyment whilst away.

First of all bag choice:

  • If traveling to a developing country, backpacks are my first choice. They are easy to get around with, as developing countries might not have great infrastructure to be lugging wheely bags around in. If traveling for 3-4 weeks or longer I usually go with a 60 litre back-pack. There are also back-packs with wheels, which you may consider.
  • If traveling to developed countries with good infrastructure, in particular cold places (where you have a lot of bulky coats and shoes etc. to pack), or places where you will do a lot of shopping, I would suggest a hard-luggage case with wheels, preferably four wheels and easily maneuverable.

Next, pack the essentials by considering – what to pack?

Once you have done that, come the question – how to pack

Handy tips:

  • Different sized ziplock bags – to place tolietries and liquids in and keep documents such as passports and mobile phones and other electronic devices (relatively) safe if they come into contact with liquid.
  • laundry bag(s) – for dirty clothes, or can be used to separate/compartmentalise your clean clothes, i.e. one bag for socks, tops, bottoms, for easy accessibility, instead of rifling through all your clothes.
  • shoe bag(s) – to compartmentalise your shoes.
  • extra plastic bags – for wet or dirty clothing contingencies.
  • good luggage locks, preferably TSA approved(Recognised by American Travel Security Administration), so if you travel to the USA, it allows only American security personnel to examine your bag without having to bolt cut your lock.
  • easily identifiable bright ribbon, or luggage tag, so you can easily spot it on the luggage carousel, particularly if your luggage is black or grey in colour!
  • carry essential items you cannot live without in your handbag/carry on. Locks are not a bad idea, as people are prone to thievery on board planes as well! Also pack a toothbrush and clean underwear in your handbag/carry on, because you never know whether you might be the unlucky person who has their luggage mis-placed for 24-48hrs!

Now hopefully that’s helped you in someway to go forth and start packing!

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