What to pack?

I think the majority of people attempt to put the chore of packing off until the last minute of any impending trip!

It is good to have an idea of what you wish to pack beforehand, but also recommended to put it all out in-front of you and trial-run placing it all in your bag, so that:

  1. you know everything fits comfortably, preferably with some space for shopping and being able to throw things in unfolded if you find yourself in a ‘big’ hurry!; and
  2. the most frequently used items easily accessible, so it makes taking belongings out of your bag that much easier whilst on-the-go.

What to pack – the basics:

  • Passport! Currency, another form of ID and credit/bank card(s)
  • Weather appropriate clothing – tops, bottoms, jacket, coat, underwear, socks
  • comfortable footwear
  • glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses
  • electronic devices – camera, smart phone, tablet, laptop, plus charging cables, SIM and SD cards, and spare batteries.
  • Global power adapter with USB charging port
  • toiletries
  • micro-fibre compact, fast drying towel
  • small medical kit

10 unexpectedly useful thing to pack:

  1. shawl/scarf  – you can wear this in the temple to cover your head, shoulders or knees, whatever may be required to enter into a sacred site.
  2. fold-able bag (extra plastic bags and ziplock bags!)– you can use this if you go to the beach;  buy too many things and need to carry an additional bag on the plane (provided you have the carry-on luggage space!); or compartmentalise wet or dirty objects in your luggage.
  3. fold-able light raincoat/umbrella – in-case you get caught somewhere where you cannot possibly make it to shelter and are left in the open air.
  4. earplugs – to be able to deal with snoring travel companions, or crying babies or children on the airplane.
  5. post-it-note and pen – you never know when you might need to play Pictionary when you can’t speak a foreign language, or simply need a pen because immigration does not have any that work in the hall for you to fill out your form.
  6. LED light – Very useful, small and light in weight. You never know when you might be caught in a power outage, or you need light when you are out at night to read a sign or map.
  7. Paperclip & rubber bands – paperclips are always useful, to be able to reset electronic devices. Rubber bands, to contain wet items and spillage, tie up your hair or keep electronic cords together in your bag.
  8. Extra passport photos –  you never know when you might need this for an entry visa into a country and don’t want to be charged an absorbent price at the airport for one.
  9. Small packets of lollies & biscuits – to give to little children begging on the street instead of giving them money, or of course on-hand if you are hungry and there are no shops in sight.
  10. A few clothes pegs –  to hang your laundry in your room on coat hangers or put on a bag of chip to (semi) seal the packet.

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