Il lido: Darwin

illido 6Il Lido
Wharf One F3, 19 Kitchener Drive, Darwin NT 0800
Tel: (08) 8941 0900

I have been to Il Lido a few times now.

It is a restaurant by the waterfront. It is quite relaxing, peaceful, has both inside and outside seating and you can see the water and lights of the convention centre from your dining table.


There is both a bar Il Lido and restaurant Il Lido side by side.

The one dish I keep coming back for is the little piggy pizza! ($24) It has roast pork, apple sauce, bacon… and THE most important topping – pork crackling. The pork crackling is absolutely done to perfection. Love it every time. It’s light, crispy and crunchy. Mmm. The roast pork is succulent and not dry at all. The bacon is flavourful and the apple sauce is just the right amount of sweet to balance the dish.

il lido 5

I have had it three times now. However last night, for some strange reason.. they forgot the pork crackling.. so we pointed it out to the waitress, and we immediately got a plate of crackling pieces to pour over the pizza. il lido 6

The other, now favourite of mine, is the butter chicken pizza ($24). This is to die for.  Creamy, beautiful blended spices which are not over powering, succulent chicken, yogurt and coriander. I had forgotten that the Hanuman owner, also owns half of Il Lido. So apparently the Hanuman provides Il Lido with butter chicken to use as a pizza topping. il lido 4Every mouthful is just heaven.

We were told by the waitress we were lucky that they had it in stock. Apparently it either sells out quickly or some nights of the week they simply don’t have it in stock. So my one tip is probably go on a Friday or Saturday and tell them that you want to order this when you make the reservation, so they keep it in stock for you. It is really not to be missed!

A glass of red or white makes this the perfect end to a hard week’s work.

Food: 9/10
Value for money: 7.5/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Overall Score: 32.5/40

* May 2015 – Note: I went back here a couple of months after I posted this, and disappointingly Il Lido had changed their set up. No longer are pizzas available at main restaurant, they were only available at the bar area. Their pizzas I felt had much less care, the pork crackling was a bit soggy and the tandoori chicken was not as good as the first time, not as creamy and generous. So hopefully this was just a one off poor encounter…

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