Redfern: Kepos Street Kitchen

Fr38a2140227332396 Kepos St, Redfern NSW 2016
Phone:(02) 9319 3919

Kepos Street Kitchen  is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We decided to try their lunch menu. I feel it’s more Western, Middle-Eastern inspired food. For Middle-Eastern, western inspired food, I think of some where like the Mint Cafe in Surry Hills.




GfhnNA1402272770For drinks we ordered coffee and a turkish delight tea. Their coffee is great, I always love Grounds of Alexandria coffee. The turkish delight tea was also of high quality and something I would drink again. I think bringing the honey in a sauce container is a great idea – it is not wasteful and it avoids sticky messes. The honey really brings out the rose/turkish delight flavour. Well worth trying.


We ordered:

  • Falafel, hummus, tabouleh, mint, schiacciata bread (16). The schiacciata bread is fresh and has a great crunch to it. The falafel has flavour, moist inside and a crispy coating and goes well with the hummus, tabouleh and mint.
  • Southern fried chicken sandwich, middle eastern coleslaw, chermoula mayo (18). This was delicious. Probably not for the diet conscious… but worth every mouthful of sin. The chicken is succulent and crispy on the outside, the coleslaw gives a freshness to the burger and the mayo is a good complement to bind the ingredients together.  The chips on both dishes are seasoned with salt and an some added spices from what I can tell. It is pretty perfect, with a golden crispy exterior and moist inside.

gp21fW1402273054gQ3Lrp1402273122BMcDLt1402273084 krUMo21402273154

The inside of Kepos Street Kitchen is tastefully decorated, the savouries and sweets on the counter look very appealing when I went up to the cash register to pay the bill.


OjESay1402273468Another side note for parents, there is a great park nearby – the Elizabeth McCrae Playground. It has a basketball court for older kids/adults, and a swing set and lots of bikes/cars and toys around.     cWv1gv1402273535

RYwDW91402273504Highly recommend Kepos Street Kitchen!

Food: 9.5/10
Value for money: 8.5/10
Ambience: 8.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Overall Score: 35/40

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