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Burwood: Momiji

SsLswJ140481043396A Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134
(02) 9744 2977

Momiji… what can I say.

This place unfortunately has potential, but doesn’t seem to have the finesse to execute it.

It is walking distance from the Burwood westfield shopping center.

a9EHFt1404809759I ordered the set ramen – which comes with a half egg, pork, some bamboo shoots, sea weed and beansprouts, and karaage chicken on the side. Now the broth is actually surprisingly good. Not the best I have had in Sydney, but no doubt quite competent, peppery and bags of hearty flavour to it. It then gets let down by the limp, soggy almost hospital mOPb7s1404809069food-like nature of the ramen. It is pretty bad and soft to the ‘nth’ degree. (I tried to give positive feedback to the owner, saying that the broth was great, but the noodles were a bit soft, and she seemed to not understand English and thought I meant ‘salty’ instead of ‘soft/soggy’ ramen. oh well – translation fail somewhere probably by me).

On the plus side the chicken was okay.

LCJaNV1404810303Next we ordered the tempura vegetable fritter on rice. The Vegetable fritter again had flavour and looked like it was cooked quite decently, then I am not sure what happened, whether they covered it in the mean-time whilst they were preparing the other main, but it had that steamed soggines to it… which again for a tempura advertised dish… is not great.

The third dish we ordered was the soft shell crab. No complaints with this dish. Competent. Not the best soft shell crab I’ve had… but not bad. Crispy, the crab was fresh and the sauce on top was a sweet/tangy mayonnaise.  Tj51SL1404809003cvWOtX1404810389


Sorry Momiji, not the worst experience I’ve had, but not the best either…

Food: 6.5/10
Value for money: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 6/10
Overall Score: 26.5/40

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Burwood: Sydney Dumpling King

Vc8d2c1404814920183E Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134
(02) 9701 0055

I have been wanting to try this place for a while.

And yes, they do live up to their name. They have around 30 different varieties of dumplings to choose from. The most I have ever seen in any dumpling house.

I must say, sometimes I wasn’t entirely convinced about the cleanliness of the establishment, but I guess you can put it down to a down-and-dirty, no-frilled eating house.


XHa8D71404814796The dumplings are everything you would expect. We choose:

  • prawn, egg, chives and woodear mushrooms ($15)
  • fish & corn (steamed)($12.5)
  • pork & eggplant ($10 plus fried $2.5 extra) ($12.5)


Prawn, egg, chives and woodear mushrooms ($15). The wood ear mushroom adds a nice crunch and texture and the prawn pieces are fresh and succulent.

Next came the fish and corn. I was very surprised that the fish was still moist and tender and not at all overcooked. I was glad we got the steamed option. The fish is light, the sweetcorn has a juicy bite to it, and there is a hint of ginger through the filling. yTkCE61404814733yX84uh1404814695

Then thirdly, we ordered the pork and eggplant. I think the fried dumpling option did this one justice. The inside filling is moist and almost with an eggplant rich sauce to it. There is no crunch element to the inside filling, so I think it needed the crunch of the outside dumpling pastry to give it some texture and body. This is probably the saltiest out of the three dumplings. Very tasty.

Qcj5YD1404814821 xcvfWG1404814761 Food: 8/10
Value for money: 8.5/10
Ambience: 6.5/10
Service: 7/10
Overall Score: 30/40

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Newtown: Campos Coffee

kRjcHZ1404814594193 Missenden Rd, Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9516 3361

I have no idea why I did not come here sooner. Two words – Coffee Heaven.

Absolutely recommend this place. The coffee is 10/10.

I have only had the coffee mind you, regular coffee and the Belgium white chocolate ice-cream affogato. The affogato blows my mind every time. When the expresso is merged with the ice-cream it tastes like fine coffee ice-cream which still has a bitterness to it from the expresso.

7ixwDv1404814515The affogato honestly quite addictive, and if I could, I would be tempting to have one every day. They have a hazelnut affogato on the menu, but I have not been able to walk past the Belgium white chocolate when deciding at the counter.

TWGnfO1404814572Highly recommended!

Coffee: 10/10
Value for money: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Overall Score: 32.5/40

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Parramatta: Temasek

71 George St, Parramatta NSW 2150
(02) 9633 9926

Temasek – I have been here quite a number of times already. The service I have to say is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it is okay and the wait staff are on the ball and quite quick and efficient. Sometimes the waiters and waitresses can get over-run, too busy and forgetful.

Their food though I have to say is always consistently excellent. They always deliver on this. I have noticed that they have raised their prices recently though.

2AMA3V1404810919The Hainanese chicken rice – is on the money. The chicken breast is so beautifully poached. Succulent, smooth and melt in your mouth. I think it even rivals Chatterbox chicken rice in Singapore, which is saying something. The chicken rice itself is great, full of flavour and the broth is just light and delicate to wash the pallet for the next mouthful.

cRsmYL1404810856Next on the the char kway teow, we always order it with chilli. It is pretty perfect. It has the ‘wok hey’ taste, which is the heated/slightly char taste of the high flame intensity on the wok.



The laksa is the also one of the best I have had in Sydney. I think the other ones that may rival this are Chinta Kechil in Double Bay and Laksa King in Melbourne. You can choose the noodles with the laksa, either thin rice noodles or thick yellow egg noodles, or a combination of both.


Last but surely not least, the mee goreng. The prawns in this dish are succulent, great creamy tomato base to the sauce. Full-flavoured and moreish.

Food: 9/10
Value for money: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: 6/10
Overall Score: 30/40

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Surry Hills: Rustic Pearl

WjrTr71404811019415 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
0406 930 083

I visited the rustic pearl for a brunch catch up with a friend.

It is a tiny little cafe, with a two seater table we snagged in the very corner of the cafe. It then has one row of tables, and from what I can remember some outside seating.

64FGPo1404811074We looked at the menu, and both decided to go for what I’m guessing was a special, as it is not featured on their website menu – “char-grilled baby lobster flesh, crushed avocado, poached organic eggs with hollandaise sauce, fresh chives, coriander and chill” ($24). I must say it was all very well done. Great balance of flavours. I have to say I think the lobster was slightly over-cooked. So it wasn’t the best I think the dish could have been. But the hollandaise sauce was great, and the coriander, chives and chilli really gave it that added fresh kick to it.  Coffee is decent (8/10).

bLm6X61404811044 fa3c2y1404811109

Food: 8/10
Value for money: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Overall Score: 30.5/40

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Surry Hills: Suzuya (2)

210 Devonshire Street; Surry Hills
New South Wales, Australia 2010
+61 2 8933 1639

I visited Suzuya for the second time, since I enjoyed the first dining experience.

It was much similar to the first time, however I did notice the service was faster, the agedashi tofu was much better, and no glass noodles as an appetiser. I suspect now, looking back at the first time we went that the tofu was not as freshly cooked, resulting in the batter not being crisp and the tofu a bit too firm.


Again we had the Salmon and avocado sushi roll and sashimi plate for entrees:
Very enjoyable.


Mains: Katsu pork and Tempura prawns & vegetables.
Pork was just as good as the Katsu chicken.


Highly recommended!

Food: 8/10
Value for money: 9/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Overall Score: 32/40

Surry Hills: Suzuya

Surry Hills: Kurtosh

i6n5FG1404812744604-606 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9319 7701

tkQ7mE1404812769 Kürtősh, is  a pretty amazing coffee and cake place. I visited Kürtősh House No. 2 in Surry Hills. However they have 2 other locations at:

  • Kürtősh House No. 1 – 20B-20C St Pauls Street, Randwick NSW 2031
  • Kürtősh House No. 3 – 110 – 112 Willoughby Road
    Crows Nest NSW 2065

The ambience and decor is cute, rustic and a tad kitch-throwback.


They serve Kürtősh, pastries, slab cakes which are both chilled and room temperature, bread and a range of beverages. They are also quite generous and have taste-testing samples for patrons to try, whilst deciding on which iExOO6h1404812797tems to purchase.

I loved the nutella (which I think was a flavour of the day) and cinnamon Kürtőshs. Having said that I think all the flavours would be quite good. There is a  wide selection to choose from.eVMrEx1404812857

We decided on the raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake ($4.50 per 100gs) and catastrophe flourless chocolate cake ($4.00 per 100gs). Highly recommend the catastrophe flourless cake, full-flavoured, rich, chocolatey and moist, without being too sweet.


The thing that stands out at Kürtősh is the consistently great, friendly service. With no judgement or impatience whilst you’re deciding.

The other thing we tried was the chocolate rogallach – little chocolate twist with a hint of cinnamon ($4.90 per 100gs). It wasn’t my favourite thing YO43Yv1404812944of the items we ordered, but competently done.

The coffee here is pretty good too (7.5/10).  oCbvxr1404812883

Food: 8.5/10
Value for money: 7.5/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Overall Score: 32.5/40

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