Homebush: Wei Kee Chinese Restaurant

Wei Kee Chinese Restaurant
49 Rochester St
Homebush, NSW, 2140
Ph: 02 97461688

Wei Kee Chinese Restaurant is a quaint, suburbia, tucked-away, hole-in-the-wall, home-style Chinese restaurant.

One downside is that is it an extremely small space. You will rarely, and I would say almost never, get in without a booking. Maximum capacity of the restaurant is around 25-30 persons. One table of 8-10 in the corner. Two tables of 6 and two tables of 3-4. But I think they struggle to accommodate their restaurant when full, especially when they get large take-away orders simultaneously .3HogZZ1391512140

Having said all of that, the food is decent. We ordered three dishes:

  • Crispy skin chicken with garlic and soy sauce $15
  • Salt and pepper pork ribs $15
  • Vermicelli with king prawns $22

The crispy skin chicken had lovely crispy skin. Well cooked dish with a good sweet, sour, salty sauce. The chicken has been cooked twice… once steamed/poached, then deep-fried as opposed to just cooked once, so the breast is not as tender and juicy as it could be, but still a competent dish. Hq8G7L1391512089

Salt and pepper pork ribs – well cooked. The batter was crispy and crunchy,  (probably not the lightest or best batter I have had on pork ribs) but still very enjoyable and the meat was well seasoned and tasty.yYvF9B1391512176

The vermicelli and prawn dish – again very tasty and well cooked. The prawns were decent, but not as fresh and plump and firm as they could be.

Something to note is that the prices are not expensive, not extremely cheap, but they are very large serves. The food is competent and very satisfying. I would say it is like a good home kitchen and good home cook turned retail business.

e6ydOR1391512208Food: 8/10
Value for money: 8/10
Ambience: 5/10
Service: 5/10
Overall Score: 26/40

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