Singapore: Golden Peony, Conrad Hotel

8DfF9b1389373972Temasek Boulevard
Conrad Centennial Singapore







This is easily the best Cantonese cuisine, fine dining restaurant I have patronised.

It is silver-service from the moment you enter, to the moment you leave.

The food is delicate, beautifully presented, and flavourful. The chefs clearly know what they are doing, and never play with the food too much. The decor is quite traditional but tasteful. 24sgSh1389374215The tables are quite spaced out, to allow that diners have privacy and the noise-levels do not interfere with other diners’ conversations. The waiters and waitresses are well-trained.

We ordered a few dim sum dishes (very reasonably priced considering the venue), stir fried hor fun, and three different desserts – chilled lemongrass-flavoured jelly with aloe vera; mango pudding with pomelo and strawberries; herbal jelly with honey.

fj8Tp81389374105 n8tVKH1389374260   TEbtXr1389374065 v7kiGm1389374144TYqlPf13893741819fzZQJ1389374323PHDegv1389374357 0jHEtR13893743921J58uf1389374420Food: 9/10
Value for money: 9/10
Ambience: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Overall Score: 36/40

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