Singapore: The Edge, Pan Pacific Hotel

The Edge RestaurantRUYKG41389373817
Pan Pacific Hotel
7 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039595
Phone:+65 6336 8111

I have to say I am typically not a massive fan of buffets. They tend not to have been cooked with so much care and presentation as dishes off an a la cart or even a degustation menu.

But, the Edge, theatre restaurant, really impressed.

It is a lovely open space. The food is so nicely laid out in approximately eight dining sections:

  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • Carving station
  • salad, cheese & fruit
  • dessert
  • tea, coffee and fruit juice

The chawanmushi, freshly made pastas, seafood bake, specially made to order Cesar salad were highlights. I didn’t much like the sushi. I wished they had, had sashimi actually. I also didn’t like their corn soup… a bit too sweet!

To get your money’s worth, instead of just hitting truck-loads of the fresh oysters, it is a good strategy to head to the desserts. So that’s what I did.

The chocolates are just lovely. The ones that were my favourite were the red wine chocolate squares, lightly dusted in icing sugar. It was very good quality chocolate, and melted in your mouth. I also loved the raspberry truffles – the outside was candy which had been broken down to a powder, which the truffle was dusted in. Mmmm.

Also loved the champagne jelly and strawberries. Such a great idea, and so well executed.

The other bits of dessert were lovely too, and the display is very Willy-Wonka looking, and very visually exciting.

The servers are all very well-mannered and attentive.

Lunch is much more worthwhile than dinner I would say. It’s cheaper, and you can make a day/afternoon of it.  At $68 SGD pp ++, it is a little pricey, but a lovely experience.

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Food: 9/10
Value for money: 8/10
Ambience: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Overall Score: 33.5/40

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