Singapore: Saveur (French Restaurant) (2)

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #01-07B
Singapore 228213‎

Saveur’s tag line is “Quality Yet Afforable French Cuisine For The Masses”. They have two outlets. One at Far East Plaza and the other is in Bugis. For their price, it is definitely worth coming to pay Saveur’s a visit. I still think Le Amis Group of restaurant outlets still provides finer, quality french cuisine, however again re-iterating the price point, Saveur is extremely good value for what you receive.


  • SAVEUR’S PASTA  – A signature of Saveur’s, pasta tossed with chilli oil, fine-chopped Japanese konbu & sakura ebi with minced pork sauce ($4.90 SGD). It’s only a few mouthfuls, but more than enough for a starter, vibrantly presented with the delicate little shimps and very tasty!

RvUQ6I1388875532For mains we ordered:

  • Duck leg confit, homemade mashed potato, sauteed shitake mushroom, orange YkX3LU1388875560segments & orange infused natural jus ($12.90 SGD)
  • A roulade of chicken thigh stuffed with foie gras-infused chicken farce,creamy basmati rice & parmesan sauce ($9.9 SGD)
  • Pork belly served with creamy green lentils, soft boiled egg & natural jus ($10.9 SGD)


All the mains were very enjoyable. The duck fell of the bone and was very moist and the mash was very creamy and no lumps at all. The pork belly skin was crackling and the soft boiled egg complements the lentils and saltiness of the pork nicely. The risotto was very flavour-full, probably not the most appetising to view, but went very well with tender chicken roulade pieces.

On to dessert! We ordered: VIqPfT1388875648

  • TEXTURES OF CITRUS – Blood orange jelly with orange granite, freeze-dried pineapple, feuilletine, citrus segments & lime zest ($6.90 SGD)
  • CHOCOLATE AND HAZELNUT – Chocolate mousse with crushed hazelnuts, broken UCVVhS1388876157

raspberries, roasted rice puffs, chocolate tuile & praline ($7.90 SGD).

  • COOKIES & MILK – Cookie dough ice cream, milk soil, honey cloud, cherries kirsch & peanut butter ($9.90SGD).


Overall I would say textures of citrus is my favourite when you taken into consideration presentation and taste. It is light and refreshing, especially in the Singapore heat, loved the blood orange jelly and orange granite. The Chocolate and Hazelnut, whilst nice, was I think, a pretty massive portion, considering the mousse is quite dense, and very creamy, so you can get chocolated out from this pretty fast.  With the Cookies and cream, the presentation is not all that, and the only exciting thing I did like about it was the pop-rocks. Big fan of pop rocks if done correctly. I’m not sure it showcased the pop-rocks that well and I’m not sure I could eat a whole cookies and cream dessert, but it was interesting to taste.


Food: 7.5/10
Value for money: 8.5/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Overall Score: 31.5/40


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