Singapore: Long Beach Seafood Restaurant (Eastcoast Parkway)

D3z2mO1388876826Long Beach Seafood Restaurant
(East Coast Parkway)
1018 E Coast Pkwy, 449877 ‎
Tel: 6445 8833

As the sun is setting to dusk, it is really nice taking a walk along the beach line at East Coast. Lots of people and families are still playing sports, riding their bikes and taking a stroll.

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There are many seafood restaurants in Eastcoast Parkway, these are four I would recommend:

All the above have a roughly similar menu and similar offerings and ambience.

We decided to go to Long Beach Seafood Restaurant.

A friend clowning around:

Long Beach Chilli Crab vs imposter … spot the difference?


So on to the food! Initially the staff will try push the set menu on to you. Personally I think ordering individual dishes plus the crab is a better bet.

Crab prices are not listed on the menu. You have to ask the waiter/waitress the market price on the day, and how big a crab you would like – small, medium large. We opted for a crab that was 1.2kg and cost $69 SGD. Then we ordered small plates of other foods:

Youtiao stuffed with fish utKARm1388877301(paste) and deep-fried with sesame seeds on top, which you dip liberally into mayonnaise before eating. Its one of my favourites.

Next cereal prawns – this is cooked with actual cereal (more like a breadcrumb-like) mix. The prawns are still shelled, so it can be a bit messy to eat. I recommend either eating the shell (but not the head) for a crispy effect, or de-shell theNeti5p1388877422 prawn and scoop up some of the cereal mix in a spoon, so you can eat it all at once.


We also ordered stir-fried Chinese Lettuce  with garlic and chilli. Very nice, and I kinda feel like ordering vegetables is a good idea.

Now for the Chilli Crab, This is what you would expect of any chilli crab, the flesh is succulent and cooked perfectly. The sauce, although it is chilli crab, is not that hot. And there is plenty of gravy to soak up with the fried and/or steamed mantou (Chinese bread bun). There are two other popular choices for how the crab is cooked – pepper crab and butter crab. Me personally, if it’s not the chilli crab, I’d go for the pepper crab in a heartbeat. (Note: Pepper crab doesn’t have gravy to soak up with the mantou.)

Ro8UA71388877476 y4KqZL1388877532

A very satisfying experience.

Food: 8/10
Value for money: 7/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Overall Score: 30/40

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