Taiwan: Taipei: Taipei Main Station underground mall

Taipei Main Station underground mall
Map: http://web.trtc.com.tw/img/ALL/Route2200/053.jpg

We entered from Taipei Main Station where there is a sign – “Taipei Station K Underground Mall”2lbj3R1388288756. It was still 11am so the shops were only just opening. There are many sections to the mall, and actually about several different malls adjoining each other.

It starts from Zhongshan Metro Shopping mall and spans south to Taipei Main Station and north to Shuanglian Station.

It is a mix of high end stalls as well as market-looking cheaper stalls. Fast food like Starbucks and KFC as well as Taiwanese little food stalls.  We opted for mid-morning snacks –
Baker’s boy coffee bun, of which the aroma you can smell for meters even before setting eyes on the stall (which is actually a Malaysian brand, in Malaysia and Singapore already). The bun is pretty nice, it looks big, but it actually is full of air and deflates pretty rapidly. The top is slightly crunch, it has a coffee crunch to it, the inside is soft and pillowy and the very center has a knob of melted butter in it, which starts to ooze out.


The other mid-morning snack we consumed were the onion pancakes, one with egg and one without. I would actually recommend with egg! sDO0kP1388290419It’s light fluffy, so delicately crispy, which is so hard to achieve at home with frozen onion pancakes, no matter how hard you try to aerate the pancake as it cooks. Highly recommend this one!

Not a bad 30min exploration into the underground shopping center. Admittedly I didn’t walk the whole stretch between the three stations, but had a good look around, and it’s not a bad place to while away a couple of hours.


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