Taiwan: Taipei: Rao He Night Markets

PcL3Fm1388313386Rao He Night Markets
Ráohé St, Songshan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 10567
(Near Songshan train station)5y2rLV1388313355

Rao He Night Markets was extremely packed full of locals and tourists, but very enjoyable.

They have everything from Taiwanese delicacies, Japanese sushi, seafood street dining stalls and Aussie meat pies, to nail-bars and human & dog clothes and accessories.


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There was even a very entrepreneurial Caucasian guy who decided to westernise the ordinary Chinese sponge cake… I wasn’tj0fWOH1388315682 tempted to buy it, but obviously he was doing fairly well!

I finally got to try an ice-cream burrito! Which I was eager out to try. I should have waited till the other-side of the market in hind-sight, as they had slightly different flavours of ice-cream. The one I had, had peanut, taro and strawberry. pvf5SB1388290854Peanut and taro were delicious. Strawberry tasted a bit synthetic and radio-active. All in all a satisfying dessert.

Would recommend a visit here.

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