Taiwan: Taipei: Street food eats!

These are some of my food recommendations!

Hot Star Chicken- Large fried chicken (Shilin night markets – Shilin MRT Station)

Pepper Pork & Spring Onion Bao (near Lao Shan Temple/Lao Shan MRT Station)

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Tao Yuan Street: Beef Noodle Soup (Ximen MRT Station)


Yong Kang beef noodle soup (Dongmen MRT Station)

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Onion pancake (Ximen MRT Station)

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Onion pancakes (Taipei Main Station Underground Mall)

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Hollow doughnut puffs (Ximen MRT Station)

6wJm3V1388181793 ePXrpZ1388181858

Ice-cream burrito (Rao He Night Market)

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Shaved ice dessert (Ice Galaxy – Keelung night market)

qI4fC31388486579 vMUbNM1388493622

Succulent deep-fried squid (Keelung night markets)

GidpZp1388485434 frOuCi1388485531

Stinky tofu (Keelung night markets)

7wImLS1388485338 JsCwBl1388485277

Sweet potato fries and pork and chive dumplings (Keelung night market)

7gRbZR1388485406 JQuQhU1388484523

Quail eggs with prawn (Rao He night markets)

NbztdA1388315316 44AYLJ1388315162

Oyster omelet (Tong Hua night markets)


Cooked crab (Tong Hua night markets)


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