Taiwan: Taipei: Pepper Pork & Spring Onion Bao (near Lao Shan Temple)

tNacA11388179085Pepper Pork & Spring Onion Bao (near Lao Shan Temple)
Lao Shan MRT – Exit 3   nBdH5d1388179172NZGRDJ1388176492

When you come out of Lao Shan MRT Station, Exit 3, turn left and you will see the alley-way. Go down the alley way, and you will come to the hole-in-the-wall pepper pork bao place!

It is well worth a visit, 8NiVOF1388176698and well worth the wait. There are typically queues and we waited about 30mins.
You normally wait, tell them how many bao zi you wish to order, pay the money (45NTD a piece) and they give you a number. You can then just ask them how long the wait is and come back to pick it up, instead of just hanging around.
It’s interesting none-the-less to watch how they make it.

Once you get your hands on one, bite with caution as it will be absolutely piping hot!!! perhaps bite a little hole in the crust so the heat can begin to escape. I guarantee you, once you have this pepper pork bao, you cannot go back. Nothing else will taste as good. It is so crusty on the outside, with a bit of a smokey flavor to it from the coals, the pork is so tender and ‘melt in your mouth’ and well seasoned with a sweet, salty delectable marinade. The pork combination with the sweetness of the stewed spring onions is fantastic.

Completely recommend this tiny place. They do a roaring trade.

Food: 10/10
Value for money 10/10
Total: 20/20
$    15zofr1388177936d5ncDg13881772407fuVCh13881773072owAQc1388177519 v7cxes1388177031BYA0gi1388177109yTeuTK1388177699EPp1Cl1388177771       wZAcNv1388176910mKwVJv1388176800    6SAeZV1388178049AqSZDJ1388178196toZq851388178626Xi0S8i1388178244LqWOiH1388178004

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