Taiwan: Taipei: Huaxi night market (aka snake alley)

X3vmgh1388801554 Huaxi night market
Huáxī St, Wanhua District
Taipei City, Taiwan 108

This is only a very tiny night market in comparison to the other night markets. It is most famous for being a snake alley, with massive albino pythons on display in glass tanks, and mice on the side as ready meals. A bit creepy! There are also a lot of massage places and sex shops along this stretch. There are also food stalls, but none that really enticed me to stay and eat, particularly when there are creepy crawlies in tanks staring at you from other shops!

Definitely an interesting stroll. Would go take a look again. But I prefer other night markets to spend a prolonged time browsing through.


NnVvWL1388801486The massive albino python (yellow) in the tank, the one in the air (don’t be alarmed!) is just a fake model. There is a regular python in the tank opposit (brown/grey).



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