Singapore: Hai Tien Lo

iYWtZW1388099833Hai Tien Lo
7 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039595 ‎
Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel
+65 6826 8240‎


The Pan Pacific Hotel has simply lovely ambience, decor and setting. It feels very peaceful and tranquil with the water features and lighting.

eLHmt11388099906Hai Tien Lo use be located on the top of the Pan Pacific, with good views, but is now on the 3rd floor.

On this visit, we ordered the set Ruby menu.


The appetiser was very interesting and intriguing. Winter melon in orange juice. Upon tasting it abj7DQ1388100032though, it tastes like the winter melon is first stewed, then soaked in fanta. I loved fanta as a child, and it has the unmistakeable fanta taste, with the slight fizz residue/aftertaste. Really enjoyed it and very refreshing.


Next on to the courses:

  1. Combination of chilled prawn salad with fresh fruit and deep-fried sea perch wrapped in vermicelli
  2. Double boiled “Buddha jumps over the wall” with deer tendor and cordycep flowers
  3. Poached Australian wagyu beef with minced garlic crumbs
  4. Braised classic abalone in oyster sauce
  5. Stewed shredded ridged gourd with crab meat and pine mushrooms
  6. Chef’s special dessert

JOAak71388100151The chilled prawn salad and deep-fried sea perch were lovely. Nice contrast of hot and cold and the fruit made it light and refreshing. I liked the contrast of sweet, savory and tangy.


Next was the double boiled soup. Very well executed. Lovely meat and tendor pieces, and the cordycep flowers had a nice texture to it.


Poached Australian wagyu beef had a very light soy-sauce based broth which went with the beef and beansprouts.

A1AWNRd1388100275 stand out for me was the abalone. This was done very simply. The abalone was so extremely tender, the knife just slid through the flesh. Very enjoyable indeed.

Next, the stewed shredded ridged gourd with crab meat and pine mushrooms was well done. I’ve never had the gourd stewed so delicately without the seeds in the middle. Zvbisw1388100303Very light delicate sauce, and I loved the salty egg yolk touch on the top of the dish.  DEK46C1388100331

Lastly the dessert was beautiful. The cheesecake was very light for chesecake, almost like the Japanese cheesecake texture. The poached pear and snow fungus was just the right amount of sweetness, more like a sweet soup that a syrup consistency, and very refreshing.

Food: 8.5/10
Value for money: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Overall Score: 31/40

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