Flemington: Pho Toan Thang (2)

6IHpcr1386867918Pho Toan Thang
Shop 9, 90-95 The Crescent
Homebush West
NSW 2140

This is a regular haunt for many, as a quick, cheap, pipping hot, fresh and casual dining/fast food option, especially after work when you are not in the mood to light up the wok.

Below is the crispy skinned chicken with low-mien (soft egg noodles, fried with beansprouts, np0T7h1386867979chives and sauce. This is honestly one of my favourite dishes here. The chicken is always tender and succulent, the chicken skin with out fail is crisp and a little salty which then goes so well with the noodles underneath. I can eat this again and again.

Next we ordered combination chow mien (which is not on the menu, featured in the image below, on the left) and combination crispy noodles (featured in the image below, on the right), to see what the difference is? This slightly perplexed us when we ordered. But the chow mien is like the normal style of Chinese crispy egg noodles with gravy, and a combination of chicken, beef, prawn and vegetables on the top. The crispy noodles are (extremely crispy) a little light weight if there is no sauce on it, but if there is sauce soaked in, it kind of tastes and texture like E-mian, which feels a bit hollow and soaked in the gravy very well. Both are not bad, but I would personally recommend the chow mien out of the two.


Value for money: 10/10
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Ambience: 6/10
overall score: 32/40

Pho Toan Thang on Urbanspoon

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