Sydney CBD: Fratelli Fresh (Bridge Street)

51menx1386366928Fratelli Fresh
11 Bridge St
(02) 8298 2700

I am a Fratelli Fresh convert.

One thing to note is that Fratelli Fresh do not take bookings, so it’s best to come a bit early or be prepared to wait in line. Dinner starts at 6pm. We arrived at around 5:40pm and walked down the home-style cellar like stairs to be greeted by a very large open space, and the sight of freshly made pasta being made. 8neEs71386366811We put our names down on a list, grabbed a table number, and were shown through the restaurant and around to the corner to their casual bar area where you can also see the pizza oven and bases being prepared.

The wine is great. We started off with a pinot noir and continued with their house red ($3.50 a glass) which is a bargain for it’s price point.

It was not long, about 10-15mins when a waitress came to show us to our table. The waitress staff are lovely and pleasant mannered. PuCh581386366903

The food is just stunning. The tagliatelle with tomato sauce and meatballs, was just like an Italian Nona made it with love out of her home kitchen. The meatballs were moist and well seasoned, the pasta was so fresh and light, and the tomato sauce was the right consistency and had fresh chopped basil mixed through it. Just lovely. AjCe261386366874

We also had the prosciutto, bocconcini and pickled watermelon. This looked great as it hit the table, colorful and fresh. I wasn’t sure about the watermelon at first, in my head I had visualised the red juicy segment of the fruit, not the green rind. But to my surprised the taste combination was fantastic. Really recommend this, if you are going for a lighter, slightly healthier, low carb option.

We then had the banoffee pie, which I was highly recommended, (but I must admit I was a little apprehensive, after my last not so great banoffee pie experience at  Camperdown: Runcible Spoon  where it was too sweet and I felt myself going into hypoglycemic shock, and the fact that I am not a huge fan of uncooked banana). Fratelli Fresh’s banoffee pie is definitely a 10/10. The balance of elements of the pie are perfect, it is not too sweet, there is a thin layer of banana, the pie crust is a bit salty which balances out the caramel and  crumbles in your mouth but not on the plate. The cream is not sweetened very much and lightly dusted with grated chocolate.

The recipe from their website (though I would just say go and try it!):

Finally, the only reason Fratelli Fresh received such a low service score, was because they were too eager to take plates away (perhaps because of the line of people waiting at the door), and took the very last piece of my banoffee pie when I was indeed in the mid-fork position. I wouldn’t have been so crushed if the banoffee pie wasn’t so delicious, but the fact that I hadn’t at any stage placed my fork squarely on the table to announce that I had finished… only to have my plate whisked away, like a magician whisking the table cloth away with the flick of a wrist – just left my friend and I flabbergasted!

Apart from this faux pas though, I highly recommend this place and would definitely come again and again!

Food: 9/10
Value for money: 8/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 6/10
Overall Score: 31/40
Highly recommended!

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