Sydney CBD: Gowings Bar and Grill

Gowings Bar and Grill
pPpoAG138586853949 Market St
Sydney NSW 2000 ‎
Tel: (02) 8262 0000


Gowings Bar and Grill – you are a gem.

My number one tip is book ahead. This place gets crowded, and you do not want to be like me, and book, turn up late, have your table given away and have to sit in the bar area on bar stools, on a rainy, dreary Friday afternoon.

Thought, I have to say, the visit was well hEEFrk1385868721worth it. The food is absolutely divine.  The ‘De’Medici Rural Italian Onion Soup’ ($16) is a taste bud turner. The Gruyere, Garlic Chive Crostini is just cheesey and stringy and melt in your mouth. The onion soup is thick, and the onions are golden brown and a little sticky sweet which is lovely.

The Mushroom Shortcrust Tart ($27) was flawless. A thin crispy shell which didn’t crumble with the weight of the mushrooms or g9uYgg1385868572sauce, held the mascarpone polenta and thyme and mushroom juices. I don’t think you could fault it as you scoped up each mouthful.

Lastly I had the Gowings Classic Profiteroles – which were said to be filled with Creme Patissiere and Vanilla Ice-cream and drowned in Valrhona Dark Chocolate Sauce. This was DvovhF1385868805delicious and the little balls of crunchy malt chocolate added to the texture and experience. Though… I would have to say I didn’t really see any hint of Creme Patissiere in sight, it was still a very enjoyable dessert.

All in all Gowings Bar and Grill, I will definitely be back, next on my hit list will be the Suckling Pig & Pinot Fridays and Seafood Pie!!

Food: 9.5/10
Value for money: 9.5/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Overall Score: 35/40


Highly recommended!

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