Epping: Beschico (Korean Fried Chicken)

30IMmn1386003962Beschico (Korean Fried Chicken)
2/41 Beecroft Road
Epping NSW 2121 ‎
Tel: (02) 9869 8188
Open Wed-Mon 5pm-10pm
Thu-Sun noon-3pm

Beschico is a great, warm, family owned restaurant, the husband is Korean, and the special fried chicken recipe, so I’ve been told, was passed on from his Mother, who is also present at the establishment. The wife is Thai and hence the slight fusion twist to the other dishes on the menu. I visited during the day on the weekend, when the place wasn’t so packed and got to see their adorable children wandering around. So as well as being labelled as a bar/beer hall, it is still very family accessible and friendly.

Now the secret to the Korean fried chicken is cooked through a double frying process, 1QRK0f1386003921which renders out the fat, particularly from the skin to leave it crunchy and brittle with still very succulent, juicy flesh inside.

We flipped to the Special Menu, ‘Combo Special’ page near the back of the menu and ordered the ‘Classic & Original Combo – Crispy Half Chicken and Chico Hot Half Chicken’ ($33) –  a whole bird!

When the dish came it looked impressive. This is definitely a few steps up from its KFC TSIM4z1386004023cousin. The Crispy Half Chicken was my favourite of the two. The batter is really so light and crispy, whilst still being so tasty and moist inside. The Chico Hot Half Chicken, is very well executed as well. Slightly different batter, it taste more like a kind of tempura batter which still retains some reminisce of crisp to it, but is rolled in a hot, sticky sweet, oh and did I mention hot, brown/red sauce and decorated with some sesame seeds. Very interesting, great combination of flavours, a hot sauce that has clearly been perfected through generations.

One of the additional side condiments I love, is the small bowl of pickled daikon white radish cubes. This really cuts down the grease and cleanses the palate, and allows you to go back again and again for just thatryYIxn1386004062 one more piece of fried chicken!

Food: 7.5/10
Value for money: 8/10
Ambience: 6/10
Service: 8/10
Overall Score: 29.5/40

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