Hong Kong: Yat lok (Roasted Goose noodles!) Michelin Star rated

0WBvL11386073481Yat Lok
G/F, 34-38 Stanley Street
Central, Hong Kong
Phone:+852 2524 3882


Honestly, there is just no word for this place but ‘wow’. I have eaten many roast and soy-sauce chicken and duck, rice, soup and dry noodle dishes, but this one really takes the cake!pkpH0c1386073217

Yat Lok is easy to get to. Catch the train station to Central, head straight to Queens street, pass the crossing and Stanley Street is a slip lane on your right. It should only take 3 minutes to get to from Central train station.

The goose is just so tasty, well seasoned, perfectly cooked till the skin is flavorsome and has a perfect dark brown/red delicious colour. The meat was tender and succulent. Sometimes I fear goose can be gamey and a bit boney and tough, but this was surely not the case. There was lots of meat on the bone.

I wanted to get the $69 HKD duck leg and rice, but unfortunately this was sold out. So, a little dis-hearted I opted for the duck with rice noodle soup, recommended by the ladies that were waitressing. This, far from disappointed me though, as I slurped up every bite with gusto. T6e3osN1386073345he soup is very tasty indeed, with garnishings of spring onion, and the rice noodles are not soft and limp, they are a bit tubular in nature and have some bite to it. It doesn’t feel like they would go soggy in the soup at all, and go really well with the goose.

It was only 40HKD (approx $6AUD) so it is a bargain for Michelin star food. I went back the next day out of my 48hrs whirlwind trip, to buy a half a goose (215HKD/$31AUD), YsUYGK1386073307uncut to take home to Singapore on the plane. The staff are so very welcoming and friendly and recognised me on my second visit. They advised that if I was to take it on the plane, not to cut the goose into pieces and just have it wrapped in paper, then a plastic bag. It was granted, not as nice as totally fresh and eaten on the spot, but it was still definitely delicious. Would definitely eat here again and again.

Food: 9/10
Value for money: 10/10
Ambience: 6/10
Service: 6/10
Overall Score: 31/40
Highly recommended!

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