Mosman: Mino

oGGCjR1368442321521 Military Road, Mosman NSW 2088
(02) 99603351
Mon – Closed, Tue – 6pm – 10pm
Wed – Sun 12pm – 2:45pm and 6pm – 10pm

Love Mino.

Really think this place is great value for money.

5dlMhI1368442250I regularly come here for a nice dinner or special occasion. These photos were taken on our mother’s day brunch. It was $35 per person for 4 courses, inclusive of Japanese green tea.

Dinner is a little more $43 or $59 per person for the set course dinner. Every bit as beautifully presented, and mix of delicate and packed flavours. The service is always impeccable and the décor is minimalistic, simple and lovely.

The tea is such good 4pWvpf1368442289quality(and has been either green or sencha tea each time I visit).

This time we went the courses were all excellent, like every other time I’ve been here without fail.

The prawns were delicate and the broth and seaweed go so well.


In the next course the corn soup was so flavoursome. The seared pieces of salmon were so well cooked, as well as the HkXhxc1368442976kingfish in a creamy sauce backed with slices of celery (which I normally hate and always pick out, but I found quite palatable – very unusual for me). The sashimi was fresh and tender. The star of this plate though was definitely the sushi rolls. This had avocado on the inside, wrapped with rice and seaweed and topped with a slice of very lightly seared salmon and a sweet, sticky soy sauce and some sesame seeds, it was truly mouthwatering and all the flours just sung on the palate. I could eat this over and over again and not get tired of it.

Of the normal dinner Kaiseki sets I normally order the Goshu out of the Goshu and Mino options. I love the Tempura asparagus and duck with blue cheese miso and the deep fried soft-shell crab with green tea salt.

For this particular menu it had side options at $5 a plate. WE ordered the goza with 4 pieces and vegetable tempura. Bother were very good.


The mains were ordered were the:
Sukiyai hotpot (wagyu beef):fvy2Nl1368442469
Assorted tempura:k76jV31368442398
Grilled ocean perch with sweet miso sauce:maLckP1368442437

The dessert at lunch time was just a single scope of ice-cream or sorbet, which is more than sufficient. I love the black sesame – one of my clear favourites. All their ice-creams and sorbets have such an intense, concentrated flavor, this is what makes it so special.

XPTP0Y1368442364During the dinner Kaiseki course menus, dessert normally consists of a chocolate, a soy bean powder panna cotta, sorbet/ice cream and fruit pieces.

value for money: 10/10
food: 9.5/10
service: 10/10
ambience: 9/10
overall score:38.5/40

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