Camperdown: Runcible spoon

Posted on May 11, 2013
27 Barr Street Camperdown NSW 2050
(02) 9519 2727

Getting to Barr Street can be a bit confusing, because if you miss the turn into Barr Street, a series of one way streets makes it difficult to find your way back around. BUT, once you get to Barr street the parking is quite easy. There is a lot of off-street parking available.wj6VFB1377447904NvzowM1377448018

Barr street is semi-industrial looking, there are some flats and warehouse fronts with graffiti and art artistically place down the street. Runcible spoon has a great feel to it. It has welcoming décor–bohemian, eclectic and relaxed, makes you feel right at home straight away.fqyhk41377447751

We ordered the Crisp Potato Roesti with slow roast tomatoes, poached eggs and bacon ($16.5); Thai Style Fried eggs w/jasmine rice, tomato, coriander, nam jim and pork belly ($18) and coffees.

The crisp potato roesti was a wedge ofTiczqL1377447827 potato which was fried on each side till it was crispy. This was well seasoned with salt and pepper, and I was hungry so I tucked in. I am not sure a wedge of potato works as well as the normal potato rosti roughly round patties you typically get. The poached eggs on the two plates were unfortunately not very well done. There seems to be almost no egg white to it, there was no vinegar in the water they poached the eggs in, so the eggs had a bit of a watery hint to it. Reading other reviews on other blogs I am inclined to think the chef was just having a bad day. The avocado and tomatoes were nice, but I am not convinced the meal was something I would write home about. The coffee was o.k.

OtvcUy1377447973My friend who orered the thai style fried eggs said it was okay, but jokingly said she might have a mini heart-attack from it! Everything was deep fried, from the pork-belly to the eggs. The eggs looked very pretty though.

We also shared the banoffee pie. It looked good. But I think you could go into a ip3XGC1377448063hypoglycemic coma from this from eating a whole piece by yourself! It’s made of whipped cream, caramel sauce, bananas and a crust. The crust was extremely thick, would have been nicer a tad thinner, caramel sauce was yummy. This was okay in small doses, but again, I definitely could not eat the whole slice. Even after 1/3, I felt a bit sugar sick later..

All in all, if I was in the area and needed a place to eat at, I would go back out of convenience, but I don’t think I would go out of my way to drive to this café.

value for money: 6/10
food: 6/10
service: 6/10
ambience: 7.5/10
overall score: 25.5/40

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