Eastwood: BBQ One

181 bbq1 1Rowe Street, Eastwood NSW 2122
(02) 9874 5332

BBQ One, like Flemington: Pho Toan Thang and Ashfield: New Shanghai is one of my quick eat, don’t feel like cooking, quick eat places. It is no frills, extremely efficient, great, fresh, fast food from a tiny hole in the wall bbq1establishment.

Everything is cooked in a flash on premise. The roast meats typically hang in the window and if you order this with rice, it can come to my astonishment the first times I ordered it, in less than 100 seconds.

I am always received with the ‘lai tong’ (house soup) which is given free. bbq1 6It is one of the best lai tongs, as their broth has been boiled perhaps all day to become a very concentrated and flavoursome soup. IT is typically made from pork bones, Chinese herbs and vegetables. IT never feels like it has been watered down or that it’s just something they don’t care about and dish out for free. It is consistently good.

bbq1 4The deep fried cod, with creamed corn is one of my favourite dishes. The cod is smooth and melt in your mouth, I have never in all the multiple times I’ve ordered it every found a bone. The creamed corn sauce is tasty and perfect complement in contrast to the deep fried fish. This goes really well with rice.bbq1 5

The beef brisket noodles, has big meaty chunks of well cooked brisket. The meat is tender and flavoursome.

The combination chow mien always comes, like all the other dishes, piping hot. The chicken and beef is always super tender. The vegetables are fresh, and I particularly like the broccoli heads, because they have soaked up all the gravy. The middle noodles have normally softened slightly and soaked up all the gravy, and the edges are always nice and crispy. Very nice. Recommend it.bbq1 3

value for money: 10/10
food: 9/10
service: 9/10
ambience: 5/10
overall score: 33/40

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