Darwin: Deckchair cinemas

Jervois Rd, Darwin Waterfrontmap - cinema
FREE car parking is available at the cinema on Jervois Rd or…
FREE car parking is available at the Cenotaph (War Memorial) car park, Bicentennial Park on the Esplanade (and walk down the Damoe Ra Park stairs).

Deckchair Cinema is only a short walk from city hotels and offices; take the scenic Damoe Ra Park walkway downstairs from the Cenotaph (War Memorial) car park on the Esplanade.

I went to the deckchair cinemas on a Sunday night. Tickets were $15 per person. We drove down and parked at the cinema on Jervois Road. There was plenty of parking. No need to worry about this.
Lined up for a few seconds and then walked through the entrance. You are greeted on your left, with chests full of colourful cushions to pick from to put on your deckchair. Then you’ll see to the right of you the side of the snack bar, and bottles full of aeroguard to protect you from those pesky bugs and mosquitoes!

WUY6061367231129As you walk further you’ll see the front of the snack bar (which sells ice-cream, chocolates, rock-deli chips, beer, ciders and non-alcoholic drinks) there is a free water dispenser, and on your left is a hot food bain maire from one chosen restaurant provider to sell hot take-away dinner options. $13 for a plate of food. Just a perfect set up.

Really enjoyed the whole experience and would thoroughly recommend going when you want a relaxing, chilled out night.

experience: 10/10

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