Sydney CBD: Bacco Wine Bar

0qZ46S13668703523/2 Chifley Square, Sydney NSW 2000
(previously at Queen Victoria Building
Shop 24-27, Level 2, 455 George St)
T: (02) 9223 9552

I really like the period architecture of the QVB, so I often find myself wandering around the building. Bacco Wine Bar has become one of my favourite place to grab some tea/coffee, something sweet and rest my feet.

The dark brown wood decor; friendly staff who are young, hip and very social; and the relaxed nature of the place is what appeals to me the most.

I’ve never eaten anything savoury, only sweet. Their dessert chef is to be commended. The tiramisu is creamy and full-flavoured. The trio ciocolato is made from good quality chocolate, not to sweet, with a nice crunch at the bottom. The panna cotta is the right consistency, texture qTgxNj1366869851and flavour.

My number one favourite dessert is the blueberry tart. I couldn’t fault it. The blueberries dusted with a little icing sugar, are moist sweet bursts in nice contrast to the tart pastry which is firm and crisp yet melts in your mouth.

The best deal I’ve come across from Bacco Wine Bar is a coffee/tea and sweet for $6.50. I noticed this late on a Saturday, and it is between the hours of 2pm or 3pm till 6pm. Considering a coffee/tea is aroLgXcks1366870401und $4, I’d rate the coffee is 7/10 and the tea is high quality loose leaf, it’s a pretty good deal.
Subsequently I also realised this is deal is also offered on weekday afternoons as well.

value for money: 7/10
food: 9/10
service: 7/10
ambience: 7/10
overall score:30/40

Bacco Wine Bar Pasticceria, QVB on Urbanspoon

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