Marrickville: Organic Markets

MMThe Addison Road Centre
142 Addison Road
Marrickville, New South Wales
Sunday 8:30am-3pm

I came upon this by accident driving from Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers to Pasticceria Papa. What a pleasant find, these markets are great. Full of fresh, creative and multicultural food, craft artifacts and a quirky art gallery.

The smoked duck and smoked salmon looked and smelled great at the entrance of the farmer’s market and I plan on trying this next time I visit. I tried the pecanMM2 tart from the pastry ninja stall. It was quite tasty, a little too sweet for my liking as the pecans were glazed as well as a very sweet sticky filling in the tart, but for $3.50 a tart, I don’t think I can complain. Their selection of tarts look very inviting.

I did buy the potato bread ($5.50) to take home to try. I heated it up under the grill, and it was very good. I have never tried anything similar before. After heating it, the flour coating was crispy, and there was a distinct layer of hot, creamy and buttery mash potato. I really enjoyed this. It is quite dense and fills you up quickly though. It’s satisfying plain, but I think it would also be nice cut into quarters with poached egg s, bacon and mushrooms and spinach.MM1

I noticed one stall sold colourful freeze pouch drinks ($4) and another stall was selling fruit ice blocks – both were vibrant and eye-catching. Perhaps a healthy sweet option for the kids. There was also a gourmet quiche stall (one for $16 and two for $30), nice smelling Malaysian and Indonesian food, and organic breads and yogurts. I definitely intend coming back to try more produce. It’s very relaxed, family oriented and pet friendly – I noticed a lot of gorgeous fluffy dogs with their owners.

The Art Gallery:Art1

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