Sydney CBD: La Renaissance

La Renaissance Café Pâtisserie
47 Argyle Street
UUAPR01366539269The Rocks Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: + 61 2 9241 4878

Really love this place.

If you are a chocoholic through and through, my favourite picks are the zulu and the chocolate tartlet. The entrance is small and confined, and often filled with people. One tip is that if you’re in a pair or group, one should order, and the other should squeeze past the line and go find a table in the courtyard. (Tip – the toilets are passed the courtyard, up the stairs and to the corner).
I normally get a mix of a chocolate cake and a fruity light mouse cake, to share, to balance each other out.The Zulu ($9 eat in, $8 take away) and Chocolate Tart ($7 eat in, $6 take away) are both made of very rich dark chocolate with an even richer small middle center.

X72apq1366540945I have tried all the mouse fruit cakes, and they are all equally light and well-made. Between the gaugin, passion de pierre or raspberry or strawberry charlotte mousse cakes, it really depends on what fruits you prefer.

Out of the savouries, the sausage roll ($5) is a good deal to take-away and wander the rocks markets. It has really good quality meat in the filling, and the pastry is light and flaky. Remember to ask for tomato sauce, they should just give this to you at no additional charge. I am very fond of the leek quiche as well (take-away $5.50). I don’t think I’ve come across anywhere else that sells leek quiches. This is very light and delicate, but still full of flavour.

value for money: 7.5/10
food: 9/10
service: 8/10
overall score: 24.5/30

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