Marrickville: Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers

27 Gerald Street, Marrickvillepasenella2
New South Wales, 2204
(02) 9519 6181

As you turn into Gerald Street, the cul-de-sac looks very unassuming and industrial. Parking is fairly easy and plentiful. Then tucked at the very end of the street on the right, up a concrete ramp and some stairs you will arrive at Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers. It is just a small space, with a display fridge full of their amazing produces just as you enter, an open fridge on the far side, and open racks of dried and side products for sale.
The best thing is to go fairly early in the day specially for the Paesanella Fresh Ricotta. It then comes from the stock at the back, still a little warm and extremely fresh.

What makes Paesanella fresh ricotta ($3.95 for 500g) so good, is perhaps because it’s made from pure cow’s milk, but really, I think it’s the fresh, light, creamy and slightly salted flavour of the ricotta that makes it special. Some types pasenellaof the ricotta, especially from the supermarket have a slightly harder consistency and are not as smooth or creamy. Also, supermarket ricotta also tends to be fairly bland and have no real distinct taste. Paesanella’s ricotta by comparison has a fulsome flavour and can carry itself. So much so, that I simply like to eat it dolloped on fresh bread and some pepper to taste.

I am also very fond of Paesanella’s Smoked Fior Di Latte (Mozzarella) ($7.40). Again, I just like to enjoy the flavour, simply cut freshly out of the plastic wrapper and layered on bread with a spoonful of the ricotta on top.

value for money: 9/10
food: 9/10
overall score: 18/20

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