Sydney CBD: Malay-Chinese Takeaway

oBXBM7138648137750-58 Hunter Street

This is a lunchtime gem. It is a small, tight space and as far as I know, only open for the lunch trade.

The laksa is the star dish here, with eight different laksa combinations: tofu, vegetable, beef, prawn, king prawn, seafood, chicken and prawn, and chicken and king prawn ($8.70 – $11.50). It is quite a rich coconut broth, and you won’t want to wear white on a laksa day!, but well worth a minor dent in the healthy-stakes. It is very tasty, moreish and I especially love how the tofu soaks up all the broth so when you pop it in your mouth, you get a full burst of flavor as you bite into it.

I have tried the chicken rice ($8.70) and the char kway teow which are not the best I’ve ever tasted, but quite decent. I normally love my hor fun, but find this one a little bland. I have not tried anything from the bain marie because I haven’t been able to go past the laska each time I get to the front of the queue to order, though I must say the beef rendang looks very appetising.

It is clearly a wholly family run endeavor and you can see all the family generations handling their various assigned tasks. The service is extremely fast and efficient.

All in all it is definitely a place I would recommend going for a quick lunchtime eat either by yourself or maximum with 3 people. Any more than this number, and I think you would find it quite difficult to eat-in and take-away might be a better option.

value for money: 8/10
food: 7.5/10
service: 8/10
ambience: 6/10
overall score: 29.5/40

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