North Strathfield: Caffe Migliore

cafe17 Parramatta Rd (entry Thru George St), North Strathfield
1300 137 696

At first this place doesn’t look too popular, it is kind of in the middle of no where and I had never heard if it before. The signage looks a bit old-school and not very trendy. I only noticed it when I was parking for the gym on Saturdays.

In dire need for a caffeine fix, I dropped in out of convenience.

I was pleasantly surprised. The baristas are well-trained, and the coffee is excellent. It tastes good after being chilled in the fridge as well.

After being impressed with the coffee, I went the next time to try the food. I ordered the Big Breakfast – two eggs, two slices of toast, bacon, mushroom, spinach, tomato ($13.50). I enjoyed it, especially for the price. The toast was thick white bread, which I normally don’t like. I prefer sourdough, but the bread was fresh and well toasted, so I actually didn’t mind it. The poached eggs were perfect and oozed out when you cut into them. The bacon was crispy and the mushrooms were very juicy mushrooms. It was a straight forward, no fuss, hearty, home-style meal. Nothing innovative or creative, it’s a very what you see is what you get kinda cafe.

food: 7.5/10
value for money 7.5/10
ambiance: 7.5/10
service: 7.5/10
overall score: 30/40

Caffe Migliore Address on Urbanspoon

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