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Darwin: Deckchair cinemas

Jervois Rd, Darwin Waterfrontmap - cinema
FREE car parking is available at the cinema on Jervois Rd or…
FREE car parking is available at the Cenotaph (War Memorial) car park, Bicentennial Park on the Esplanade (and walk down the Damoe Ra Park stairs).

Deckchair Cinema is only a short walk from city hotels and offices; take the scenic Damoe Ra Park walkway downstairs from the Cenotaph (War Memorial) car park on the Esplanade.

I went to the deckchair cinemas on a Sunday night. Tickets were $15 per person. We drove down and parked at the cinema on Jervois Road. There was plenty of parking. No need to worry about this.
Lined up for a few seconds and then walked through the entrance. You are greeted on your left, with chests full of colourful cushions to pick from to put on your deckchair. Then you’ll see to the right of you the side of the snack bar, and bottles full of aeroguard to protect you from those pesky bugs and mosquitoes!

WUY6061367231129As you walk further you’ll see the front of the snack bar (which sells ice-cream, chocolates, rock-deli chips, beer, ciders and non-alcoholic drinks) there is a free water dispenser, and on your left is a hot food bain maire from one chosen restaurant provider to sell hot take-away dinner options. $13 for a plate of food. Just a perfect set up.

Really enjoyed the whole experience and would thoroughly recommend going when you want a relaxing, chilled out night.

experience: 10/10

Darwin: Nightcliff markets (Sunday morning/afternoon)

Pavonia Place
Nightcliff NT 0810, Australia
0414 368 773
6am to 2pm every Sunday

This is a much smaller collection of market stalls than Mindil or Parap, but it is a great roll-out-of bed, pick-up some brunch place. Relaxed, easy, fast.

It now has quite a few tables I noticed, to sit at, if you want to eat there.
There are a handful of arts and craft stalls and a masseur by the side G90fCh1367230898near the entrance of the markets. I would probably head there more for the food than the arts and craft.

I would say the stalls in the center are all fairly decent. I would recommend Ken’s crepes, which is also at Mindil. Particularly the sweet crepes. Laksa, chicken satays, spring rolls with chilli sauce, fresh Vietnamese rice paper rolls and fresh fruit juice – I the would recommend all these. BnYwCE1367231526Really liked the prawn and pork and bbq rice paper rolls and also the pineapple, lime and honey juice – very refreshing and light in the humid weather.

The other thing I quite liked was the stall near the entrance selling packs of pretty, vibrant and colourful dried fruit. Really loved the dried pineapple.

value for money: 8/10
food: 7.5/10
ambiance: 7.5/10
overall score: 23/30

Other Sunday market:
6:30am to 1:30pm

Darwin: Java Spice

javis bar Darwin CBD
22 Mitchell Street
Darwin, NT 0800
04 0837 2273

Java Spice Bar, is a very cute, colourful, floral visual on the eyes. I thought the waitress just decided to dress outlandishly to resemble an escaped leopard from the local zoo, until I realised it was the cafe’s staff uniform. At least they match the decor.

The carrot cake is suppose to be very good. However, because we arrived at 7:30am after the Anzac day dawn service, we were after their selection of savoury breakfast items and coffee.

javis bar2

Inside decor:

We ordered, two naughty boy pork rolls (approx $12 each) , a toasted sandwich ($7.50) which supposedly is ‘the best toasted sandwich you’ve ever tasted or your money back’, chai latte and two coffees.

A friend mentioned the naughty boy pork rolls are normally really good. Crusty, soft, super fresh bread, lightly toasted and pretty much typical Vietnamese pork roll ingredients inside.javis bar 3 It wasn’t as good as it usually is because we were there SO incredibly early, we suspect it was there from the day before. Also the toasted sandwich was not bad, but by no means even close to the best toasted sandwich I’ve ever eaten. I would probably rate it as a 6.5/10. Given that Darwin is so small though, and most people know each other by a matter of 1 to 2 degrees, I, like other Darwin residents would probably never dream of complaining. You don’t want to be known in a small town as a serial complainer.

Even though I normally enjoy illy coffee, I have to say the coffee was drinkable, but not great.

On the plus side, the ambiance is uplifting and fresh and the service is very friendly and attentive. I can see why people come here to pass time.

value for money: 6/10
food: 6.5/10
service: 6.5/10
ambiance: 7.5/10
overall score: 26.5/40

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Sydney CBD: Red chilli sichuan restaurant (Chinatown)

8 Dixon St
Haymarket Australia 2000
(02) 9280 3488

I made a reservation using the first telephone number that came up when conducting a google search for “Red Chilli, Sydney Chinatown”. On the night, we again used trusty google maps to lead us to our destination. We followed google and walked past Eating World Food Court, and arrived at the large Red Chilli Restaurant at the corner. Wrong! We had actually booked with the smaller Red Chilli Restaurant across the street, up Golburn Street and along Dixon Street, a couple of minutes walk away. So all in all it was completely fine, just a little confusing! Point of the story is, don’t always blindly follow google.

I must say I have never been a huge fan of Sichuan food. I don’t dislike it, and I don’t mind the flavour of the sichuan pepper, but by the same token I don’t overly enjoy accidentally biting into the jlZCAg1366869922peppers which results in a strange and rather unpleasant tingling and numbing sensation. This tends to lasts for at least a couple of minutes, after each accidental bite!

Note, not all dishes on the menu are laced with sichuan pepper.

The seafood, vegetables and rice cakes, was quite nice. The seafood was very tender and succulent and went well with the rice.

e6hxid1366870016This next dish comprised of fish in a oil/broth with sichuan pepper. This was actually one of my favourite dishes of the night. The fish was so incredibly tender, and melted in your mouth as you ate it. I just made sure after I fished it out into my bowl, I scrapped off all the peppercorns. But found this dish very pleasant to eat! And really not oily in the least which was quite surprising.

The smoked tea duck wasn’t as successfully done as the other dishes. This was extremely mediocre. The duck was a bit fatty, the smoked flavour wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t smoked enough, and still had a very duck/gamey flavour to it. The buns were average. The buns were okay, but by the time it had reached the table, the bottoms of the buns were a bit soggy and had condensation on it. Not overly pleasant!

1Vy0B91366870262Lastly the pork ribs, were not bad. The batter was very tasty. It tasted like a mix of salt, pepper and sichuan pepper in the batter. The non-bone battered pieces were tender and went very well with rice. The bits of pork with bone, didn’t tend to have a lot of meat along with the bone.

There were six of us, and these four dishes were sufficient, and we still had food remaining. Worked out to $25 per person inclusive of rice, tea and tsingtao beer.
value for money: 7/10
food: 6.5/10
service 6.5/10
ambiance 6.5/10
overall score: 28.5/40

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